The Olympic Village

The Olympic Village, established in the Stratford area of East London, is a housing complex adjacent to Olympic Park that will be home for the summer to thousands of athletes and will soon be a new neighbourhood for London. It was announced that it will be a joint venture to purchase and manage the Village. Triathlon Homes will run the developments affordable housing. The Village will deliver high-quality homes, health care and education facilities, open space and parklands.


The Olympic Authority commenced work in the summer of 2008. In 2012, the Village was ready for the Organizing committee to get it ready for the Games. The first tier residential plot contract was awarded to Ardmore. A selection of leading architects is in place for the residential plots in the Village. Olympic Village is a first-class development and involves some of the most talented architects and designers in Europe. The master plan for the Village was developed by a Swiss design firm in cooperation with designer Patel Taylor and designer Fletcher Priest. Different schemes will be planned by a mixture of both emerging and established designers.

Design and Construction

Work started in 2008 on the foundations for the first blocks of the Village. There were more than 300 construction workers inserting concrete columns to reinforce the ground where the first blocks will be set. The Village will approximately have 2,815 new homes with spacious courtyards and balconies, as well as gardens. It will span over 27 hectares of land with tree-lined streets and wide open spaces. Over 1,000 homes have already been purchased by Triathlon Homes for affordable housing. The remaining homes will be private housing.

In addition, there are six future development plots, making it possible for even more homes. Olympic Village will also have a plaza. The development will be new homes with functional open spaces and open layouts. The homes will range anywhere from studios to townhouses to 4-bedroom apartments. The homes will all be designed for modern sustainable living with the highest standards of fittings and finishes.

The design retains the tradition of building homes around communal courtyards. Water features will accent the close proximity of River Lea. The gardens are raised to allow parking underneath, which is a clever way to keep cars concealed. Every apartment will offer accommodations that are comfortable, as well as high-tech communications facilities. The design plans are for three and four bedroom homes. Construction was completed on the first plot in May of 2011.


The busy docks, warehouses and factories that once made it the industrial hub of the city have morphed into buildings as the industries dry up. A vibrant community now replaces the previous industrial centre, creating the perfect canvas for the Olympic Games.

During the Olympics, the Village will consist of residential apartments for the many athletes and officials. After the games the Olympic Village will be a legacy of essential housing. The Village will be transformed into new homes. The price of the homes is not yet known, however it is likely that they will be set at the market rate. The complex will be named East Village, once it is turned over to homeowners and renters after the conclusion of the Games.

The closest London Underground Stations to the Olympic Village are Stratford, Bow Road, Bromley by Bow, Leyton and Mile End.